8:30 AM Registration



Conference Welcome and Introductions


Roberto Villamar 

10:30 AM  Skill building workshops

Networking Your Transferable Skills: Being able to connect and communicate your skills effectively to the needs of the Canadian Job Market is one of the most important conversations you need to prepare for. At this session you will begin to develop your Canadian brand with your international skills and practice articulating your value. You will hear the success stories of fellow immigrants and begin to build your own Canadian Network of contacts. 

Starting a Small Business in Canada: The Facilitators will mediate a panel of engaging and dynamic immigrants who have come to Canada and seized the opportunity to establish businesses and become successful entrepreneurs in Waterloo Region. Participants in this workshop will have the opportunity to learn from their stories of establishing their businesses and reflect on whether entrepreneurship is a viable option for their career path in Canada. You will learn about local services available to support you becoming a entrepreneur in Canada and there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

    12:00 PM Lunch

    Take advantage of this opportunity for informal networking with fellow ITPs, and visit the Exhibitors Lounge to get connected with information you need from regulatory/credentialing bodies, professional associations, bridging programs, immigrant trained advisors, and much, much more! ! Note: Vegetarian lunch will be provided for conference participants. 


    1:30 PM Concurrent Sessions

    Sector hub panels provide information on related professions, possibilities & prospects, transferable skills, hiring tips in the industry, credential information & licensing, and success stories of other Internationally Trained Professionals (ITPs).  The sectors are: 

    • Engineering & Technical Professions
    • Finance
    • Human Services
    • Information Technology 

    3:15 PM Wrap-Up and Closing Remarks

    3:30 PM Networking Session hosted by the immigration partnership 

    This Networking Event will allow employers to connect with Internationally Trained Professionals and allow an exchange to happen that could be of benefit to the employer and the ITP now or in the future. It will provide an opportunity for ITPs to grow more confidence in the area of networking with employers and to learn  about various businesses in Waterloo Region and area. 


    *Please note this is a draft agenda and subject to change*